Another open letter to PM Yang Philemon.

Adé Anyu
Another open letter to PM Yang Philemon.

Sir, once more accept greetings from a devoted and peace loving citizen.
We have been informed by the national news organ of your impending visit to Bamenda on 27th December 2016 with the intention of looking for a way forward on the teachers crisis. Good idea when dialogue is at the centre of every crisis.
However Sir, how will you feel like if I arrested your children and for months you know nothing about their well-being or whereabouts, then I now invite you for dialogue? Are you going to sit on that dialogue table a happy person?
Sir, is it proper for minister Fame Ndongo to come Bamenda for any reason when till date he is not willing to acknowledge that he is the root course of all the brouhaha that anglophone higher education currently goes through with his policy of regional balance? I think minister Ndongo is not needed in Bamenda. He should stay away from Bamenda. His coming here after a provocative statement during the recent ENS Yaoundé graduation ceremony might end up in sad memories of our past.

Sir I listen with care the list of those invited for the meeting of 27th. The GCE board is not a party to your invitees. Does it mean candidates who have missed registration would be given another chance or what? Does the absence of the GCE board means you have got solutions to all the 11 points tabled to your high office and the Bamenda meeting is to start effecting those solutions?
Surprisedly sir, you invited only teachers to this meeting and not lawyers who started complaining months ahead of teachers. One thing is very clear, teachers are now the backbone of the strike since no classes means a blanc school year. Your intention is to smokescreen some solutions as requested by teachers on November 26th at Ayaba Hotel and lure teachers to return to class in January 2017 for the second term. Rubbing Peter to pay Paul. Sorry to tell you that it cannot and will never work. Anglophones are more than that. 55 years of marginalisation is too life ng a time and we have learnt our lessons the bitter way. For any meaningful solution to come out of that meeting, invite lawyers and teachers or if you are not aware, there is a consortium of all who matter in the anglophone crisis. That consortium is the best group to invite for the meeting of the 27th and not just teachers. Be informed once more that anglophones want the total and unconditionally restoration of our 1961 independence that was stolen by Ahidjo in 1972 in the ‘Oui and Yes’ referendum. Anything short of that is unacceptable.
In this light sir I therefore appeal to you to do the following
1) Show remorse to Southern Cameroonians for the events of 8th December. The C.P.D.M Unity Peace march Waterloo that led to the killings in Bamenda and KUMBA,
2) Unconditionally release all captives in various prisons both in Bamenda and wherever the others are,
3) Pay compensations to those raped, maimed, injured and are still in hospitals, and to families of the martyrs of 8th December. 4 billion FRS is expected.
4) Stop Minister Fame Ndongo from coming to Bamenda. However if he must come then his recent provocative statement that graduates from ENS Yaoundé will be posted everywhere in the republic should be withdrawn before he enters Bamenda.
5) Prof Ghogomu has shown signs of bad faith by conditioning teachers to return to class before work in the ad hoc committee can start. We therefore see him as partial judge who is not capable to handle the situation, we called for his immediate and unconditional replacement with Professor Leke IVO Tambo.
6) Invite the consortium of Anglophones leaders to this meeting even as observers.
7)Last but not the least be inform that our children due for GCE registration are yet to do so and the first term ends tomorrow. We expect an extension of two months for them to register, given that Christmas and NEW Year expenses cannot permit parents to register them before January ending.
While wishing you and your entourage a safe journey to Bamenda especially from Bambajou to Bamenda.
Injustice has been the law for long, resistance is now our duty.
I pray you have a happy Christmas.
God bless.
Ade Anyu,
Today 22nd December 2016,
& I approve of this.