Hotline for Reporting Human Rights Abuses



A working hotline has been effectively set up by Barrister Agbor Balla for the reporting of any human rights abuses meted out on the population by government agents (of La Republique du Cameroun).

Each and any one who has been a victim of any of following abuses – rape, beating, injury due beating, injury from gun shot(s), mud rolling, unlawful detention, etc – is invited and encouraged to call Barrister Agbor Balla immediately at the following number:

*Barrister BALLA AGBOR 679821499*

Courtesy of CameroonPostLine
Human Abuse in the Cameroons

Again, if you, or someone you know, have been beaten, raped, injured by the forces of law and disorder, or know someone who has been assaulted or undergone human rights violation during the recent upheavals in Anglophone Cameroon, please call

*Barrister BALLA AGBOR 679821499*

He’s a standby lawyer waiting for your call to forward your case to the United nations human rights commission free of charge

Please share this information on your networks and with all of your contacts. Yours will be a great contribution in making La Republique du Cameroun pay for its brutality.

Innocent Chia

2 thoughts on “Hotline for Reporting Human Rights Abuses

  1. Itoe Francis Ebongue

    Southern Cameroons Independence Success Story.
    Government of La Republique did not know and never imagined that a People they have despised will One day show up to Take their Rights.
    It started in October with the Common Law Lawyers asking for a Translated version of the OHADA Document. Biya the Egoistic Politician thought Anglophones as they call us were born like sheeps but little did they understand that Times Changes Character. Biya and his Black Demons Fame Ndongo, Martin Belinga, Issa Tchiroma, Atanga Nji Paul, Paul Ghogomo and other CPDM Sleeping kites thought they could use their Brutal Armies to silence the Common Law Lawyers that stood firm to the challenge.
    Few weeks later, the Teachers of the English Origin Southern Cameroons joined the strike against government hidden agenda to extinct the English Education System. Biya again sent his brutal security forces to aggravate the No Retreat .. No Surrender Agenda to Maintain the Culture, Identity and Plight for Southern Cameroons but despite the torture, arrests, kidnaps, rapes, detention and inhumane treatment the struggled continued.
    The Third level was the Students of the University of Buea that took a silent request of their Money extorted by the University Administration but the answer was a call from the Vice Chancellor to order trucks to Beat, Torture, Rape, Arrests, Kill and kidnap the provoked students.
    What made the situation very legitimate was when a Honorable Member of Parliament Hon Wirba Joseph addressed their last Parliamentary Session in December vomiting his grievances to the dangers caused in the West or Southern Cameroons.. This video circulated and inspired lots of Southern Cameroonians that doubted the History of Southern Cameroons in the bid to Unite with la Republique du Cameroun since 1960.
    Mr. Biya of La Republique who thought Southern Cameroons Citizens can only be silenced by the use of brutality and Bribe misfired this time as his agents were told to keep their money in their pockets and face the Facts.
    Mr. Biya whose age is already facing the Law of Diminishing Returns and Depreciation at 90% cannot still reason on what to do to Southern Cameroons already fronting independence soon. His Armies, Security and Forces of Law and Order has helped Southern Cameroons mightily in the Restoration of Independence. Biya and his Regime cannot deny because the United Nations already served him with TWO Maps in 2010 as a signal to accept the Sovereignty of Southern Cameroons.
    Paul Biya is the Only President in the World who has Molested the Rule of Law, Lawyers and the Legal System. He is the Most Chronic Dictator whose desire to Kill surpasses Dialogue, He is the Worse on Planet Earth whose governance is focused on Material Resources than Human Resources… The Most unethical Bilingual Architect who cannot express himself in English..
    Southern Cameroons has Finally Tendered the Final Move towards the Restoration of Independence and No One can Object with any Option.
    Time is Now.. Independence our Final Choice.. Freedom our Need.

  2. Eugene Ngende

    Thanks for this platform.
    There’s an ongoing strategy by CPDM elites from West Cameroon to create divergence between what they named NW and SW Anglophones.
    Please if you find my response meaningful then see how to spread or communicate to the consortium:
    aha! we were hinted that one of the strategies of supporters of la Republique was to infiltrate the united front through raising North west- Southwest dichotomies as a means of weakening the common resistance.
    This kind of write up smells such attempts.
    It is no mistake that our Northwest brothers seem to show a more adhesive solidarity in this fight, nature has given them such traits. Yet every Anglophone no matter where from has been feeling the pinch of this shoe for 50 years and it is unfortunate for anyone to sow divisive seeds at this moment of history.. Judas Iscariots, we have them in our midst!
    I think those reflecting on a constitution should be properly informed on the geopolitical realities of each region in such a way as to come up with a draft that takes into consideration regional balance. Check your history : There was no north and south west in West Cameroon.. that notion only came with the territorial administration of Ahmmadou Ahidjo.
    God is still saying something!

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