January 2, 2017 Strike: UN Involvement

Tumasang Martin

Addendum: UN Involvement in Strike Action

Addendum: I failed to mention in my original posting: After the strike of 02 January 2017 or during this strike, wherever we plan the Southern Cameroonian flag, we should also plan the UN flag. This issue MUST become directly a UN issue and their problem.

Strikes continue, but focus more on UN, and planting of Southern Cameroonian and UN flags where possible. Biya increasingly to be made irrelevant and an observer with events above his head and not the key player.

Dear All,

I have generally been silent during this strike period because as important as the strikes have been, they have not yet hit the core message. If our kids are going out on strike and being killed in cold blood, it should be for something worth dying for.

The lawyers wrote, the teachers wrote but no action only attempt at bribing mixed with divide and rule. The lawyers went on strike and the teachers went on strike but all Biya, Marafa and all the citizens of La Republique are saying is that do not talk of Federalism but talk of bilingualism as if they are talking to children.

Another strike is called for 2nd January 2017 and Biya will kill more on that day also. All these sacrifices are to make Biya to come and negotiate?. Biya is not listening and the struggle has to take another and final turn.

After the strike of 02 January 2017, no more strikes against Biya. After that day, our quarrel with Biya should be declared over and we will not talk to him again about marginalization or federation or whatever. After 02 January 2017, our fight will then be with the UN. All banners from that day will be against the UN. The UN must tell us about the independence it gave us and what conditions were attached to this independence?. The UN must come and explain to us our position as a former trust territory and what options are open to us presently. Ban Ki Moon MUST address the issue.

All strikes and banners after 02 January 2017 will be about the UN. Our issue with Biya is over and our issue with the UN will start in full swing. Please educate the people on this strategy. Our problem from hence will be with the UN. We will make Biya an observer and no more a judge on our future.