Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC)

Mission: Enthrone a Government in Southern Cameroons that is based on popular consent, deriving authority and legitimacy from the people; not from the decrees or might of a regime that, since 1961, is injurious to citizens’ rights to life, freedom, independence, equality and dignity.

10 thoughts on “Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC)

  1. Clifford Acha

    Suffering can’t be an eternal batch of iron on our breast bone! 56 years of servitude if aren’t enough, nothing else is! We may be dressed in kross instead of clothes but that future isn’t far .. our clothes will be trimmed in gold! MoRisc encapsulates a practicable path to our Freedom!

  2. Etta Bessong

    Mbey: Stop the misrepresentation. Based on your post, you were not at the meeting. I was at the meeting and there was nothing about leadership or fight for so called positions tabled. Please stop making things up and have some integrity. For the record, the meeting was very peaceful and orderly and all who came with good intentions left satisfied.

  3. Dave T Mbey

    I have not been myself since I followed up the MORISC strategic planning meeting last week. I taught our common goal is to free our home land from invaders. It took a woman to remind you men what to be discussed. It is really sad and will be devastating for those who are the real fighters back home to watch what transpired in that meeting. If power fighting has already started at this initial stage then I wonder what will happen when our land is finally liberated . Is this the reason why these numerous factions have not come together? Please please please the interest of our people first.

  4. Gladys Ndikaka

    Thank you Morisc for making great strides and giving us hope towards the liberation of our/my people who are still suffering dictatorial, oppressive, corrupt policies for 50 plus years! Now more than ever before, FREEDOM is our watch word but will come at a great price. Let us all stand our ground!!!
    It is time for the political decisions and laws be made by our people through a majority vote!
    I support and demand the independence of Southern Cameroon.

  5. charles ndifor

    This is leadership.
    I wish my late uncle (Akwanka Joe Ndifor) was still around to see how we as a people can stand up to this enslavement by La Republique.
    We will support you all the way.

    1. Clifford

      He will be amazing that the things they wove in ambivalence are now being articulated at the top of the voice! We have reached the tipping point and our inclination to shout back minute by minute harbors no fears!

  6. Fred Andongndou

    Am so delighted that we are finally settling down to a leadership, that is driving the mission for the restoration of Out independence, we have been so marginalized and this is the time we take our country back and free our people and children from shame invaders. We shall prevail

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