Year: 2017


LETTER TO BRITISH MP ELLWOOD Dear Hon. Tobias Ellwood, As I write these words, a crime against humanity (colonial domination of a people) and other crimes bordering on genocide are being committed in the former United Nations British Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons, also known as Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. The colonial regime of President Paul Biya […]

CAMEROONS: Genocide Planning Decried

by Ntumfoyn Herbert Boh September 24, 2017 Length: 1 page September 25, 2017 Short video of Armed agents of the govt of Franco-Cameroun staging in the State of British Southern Cameroons, as Citizens of the latter prepare for Declaration of the Restoration of Independence Sunday October 1, 2017 Video courtesy SMAN. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Genocide Planning […]

Spirit of the Day September 22 2017

September 22, 2017 The people of the State of British Southern Cameroons | Ambazonia stood up like one wo/man this 22nd day of September 2017 to say No to the occupation of their homeland by the Franco-Camerounese republique, whose agents have consistently and relentlessly meted out undeserved punishment and death to a growing number of […]

Amba Women On the Move – September 22 2017 – FREE British Southern Cameroons

Note: All pictures belong to the digitally signed authors and owners of the capturing devices. Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons appreciate your interest in their fight for Restoration of Independence. These pictures which you all have graciously shared are testament of the Will of Our People to Effectively Take Control of their […]