Today, the anglophones in the Department of History in particular and other departments in general, were full of joy and amazed to see that the *Anglophones Problem* which at first was a minor issue turns out to be a topical issue in the entire History Department in the University if Yaounde I. I personally was astonished when pure francophones lecturers admit the existence of anglophones problem in Cameroon.

They generally at different points in time mentioned that the west Cameroonians are out to reproduce their true colonial and post colonial history that had distorted. They admitted that, West Cameroon was once a people with a unique history but today has lost her statues as a country. It is said to be true that Anglophones Cameroon want to be re-instituted to their normal position as the case before the 1961 plebiscite which brought them into contact with La Republic du Cameroon.

I became more flabbergasted with the presence of Prof Waniaka Virginie ( a pure French speaking lecturer who had never spoken English since the day I knew her, couple with the fact that she detests Anglophones), came in and for once, spoke to my delight.

She admits the fact that Anglophones have been badly treated in Cameroon and wanders why the government has chosen to aggregate the situation giving the fact that they have been complaining for years. She left her topic of the day and chose to brief the entire class on the political evolution of La Republic du Cameroon in general and west Cameroon in particular. With this, she stated clearly that there were two Cameroons (La Republic du Cameroon and the formal British Cameroon or west Cameroon) that came together in1961 through a conduction of the plebiscite. They both agreed to be of equal statues with no aim of assimilating the other under Adhijo.

She traced the start of the Anglophones problem right from the presidential decree of 1984 which stipulated that the name of the country is and will henceforth be La Republic du Cameroon which gave way for the regime to manage and control our resources and affairs. This amongst others have culminated to the various areas of Anglophones marginalization that we find today.

She said away from personal interest, she stands to contradict those that say there is no anglophone problem and that there was no two Cameroons e.g. Madame Asembe, an associate lecturer to embark on research and prove her wrong. She salutes the stand point of her colleague, Prof Nze-Ngwa who on CRTV admitted the existence of Anglophone problem and called on the government to see need for a positive dialogue.

She ended up saying that the problem is with the government and not with the francophones. With this, she called for a good collaboration and interaction between students of the two linguistic background.

On a hard tone she noted *”OUR GOVERNMENT IS SICK AND WE ALL NEED CHANGE “* and left.

From every indication, we are winning. Not francophones but great historical figures of Yaounde I have started taking side with us. We need to press harder for our victory is at hand. Long live Ambazania.

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_Delegate, History Department Yaounde I_