BSC | AMB: Hon Wirba Spits Fire Again. Rally in Bui is On!

Hon Wirba spits fire again – the Parliamentary restitution rally in his Bui South constituency must hold tomorrow Sat. 14.01.2017

Read him below…

Wirba : Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough Wirba Tells Cameroun Parliament

The suppressive colonial DOs have sprung into action again!
The Colonial DO for Kumbo Central, Mr Kamto Francis called me a while ago and said the SDO had instructed him that our meeting to restitute parliamentary proceedings to the people of Bui cannot hold.
My reply to the DO is simple and straight forward …
“Mr DO, I am the Parliamentarian of the nation, (except you have excluded West Cameroon from that nation) and the meeting I informed you l will hold with the people of Bui, built for Saturday the 14th of January 2017 will go ahead as scheduled. It will go ahead Mr DO because your decision to stop it is part of this brutal government’s policy to oppress our people, keep them in fear in order to weaken them and continue treating them like slaves. As I promised from the National Assembly, WE WILL RESIST YOUR BRUTAL OPPRESSION! It is my duty and the duty of the people of West Cameroon, to stand up and resist your brutal oppression. We will be in Kumbo tomorrow in our thousands, in peaceful assembly, with green leaves in our hands. If your intention, as usual is to kill us tomorrow, Mr DO, kill me, Joe Wirba, and set my people free!!!!!!!”
Hon. Joseph Wirba.

Source: WirbaForce Facebook page.

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  1. Njolai Usmanu

    Honorable Wirba we are behind you. You are the messager send to your people by the almighty God and you must complete your mission without any obstacle by the grace of Allah.

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