The “WirbaForce” Is The Force Of The Naked Truth!
By Hon. Joseph Wirba

At this point in time when the course of the people of West Cameroon is in great need of unity and strategic planning, the announcers of this march assumed too much and trivialized our course as a result.
Even after I personally advised them a week before, to take down the information so that proper preparations could be done by those on the ground, they naively refused. To have my name scandalized and soiled by the Divisional Officer for Buea over Radio Stations, because a couple of overzealous young men chose to dictate to us, is totally unacceptable.
In my humble opinion, they literally shot our course on the foot!
This should serve as a warning to them, that when we at home toil to take our course forward, they should
desist from trying to dictate the pace of our struggle from the comfort of Western Capitals.

If they truly believe in fighting for our freedom, they SHOULD, and MUST always consult and concert with those on the ground who are facing the heat of the oppressor, before putting up any such information.

For us on the field, we are working round the clock to prepare our people for the peaceful resistance to 55 years of oppression that will free us, so that we can live in the dignity we truly deserve.

Wirba Cameroun Parliament Speech 2016

2 thoughts on “BSC | AMB: ON THE FAILED JANUARY 2nd MARCH, By Hon. Joseph Wirba

  1. Rev. Ab Mongo

    People may have the same focus, passion or zeal, but the approach to the realization to that vision matters a lot. The failed 2nd Jan march is a lesson to all of us to coordinate ourselves and be of one mind, one language (independence), and of one vision. Only under the umbrella of godly coordinated people can we achieve the restoration of our culture, identity, and resources. God bless the southen Cameroon God bless you all.

  2. Enowmbi Ruth

    I do have a worry about school resuming. Two messages just to us one warning our parents not letting us go to school and another from ADHOC saying schools will resume on the 9th if the other sectors do not join on another march which is to take place on the 5th thats tomorrow. I really love this course and am in buea where nothing is happening so pls can i get a clarification on that? Thanks

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