BSC | AMB: Petition to Sue Biya et al for Crimes Against Humanity

Petition from the West Cameroon Association of Humanitarian and Health Services Workers in North America, Europe and Australia.

January 22nd 2017
Mindful of the need for every West Cameroonian to contribute to world peace that is possible only through a healthy mind in a healthy body,

Mindful of the need to protect and preserve the fundamentals of basic human rights and freedom through freedom of expression, freedom from marginalization and elimination of slavery, Taking into account that such have been violated in Cameroon with the arrest of hundreds of West Cameroonians of English speaking regions by the French dictatorial and military regime of President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon.

Taking into account the ongoing exaggerated killings of a Rwanda genocide type on the people of the English Speaking Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon, noting that such is occurring alongside rape of women and girls, torture and arbitrary detentions by the French Cameroon armed uniform officials;

Considering the arrests of the West Cameroon Consortium President and Secretary Dr. Agbor Balla Nkongho, and Dr. Neba Fontem, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court and former Presidential Candidate Honorable. Ayah Paul, the leader of the civil society Mr. Mancho Bibixxy and the displacement of the President of the Teachers Association Mr. Tassang Wilfred who is now on refuge in the American Embassy in Cameroon;

Considering the vacuum in leadership of English Cameroon Negotiating body caused by the arrest of the President Barrister (Dr). Agbor Balla Nkongho which has now led to Mr. Tapang Ivo Tanku and Mr. Mark Bareta to be new leaders of this West Cameroon Negotiation body known as The Consortium;

We the West Cameroon born Humanitarian, Health and Human Services Practitioners serving in capacities of either medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other helping professions living and working in the continents of North America, Europe and Australia, hereby bring to your attention this petition for action.

(I) Mindful of our oath to ensure the mental and healthy well being of all PEOPLE whereas astonishingly and contradictorily we have been eye witnesses to thirty-four years of silent bloodshed in Cameroon, coupled with the ongoing arrests, tortures, killings and detentions of English Cameroonians who are captured and flown overnight to East Cameroon jails far from their home and families.

(II) Mindful of the fact that we have been informed by eye witnesses and we now have exhibits A of pictorial images of several human bloodshed and new wave of arrests of English West Cameroonians perpetrated by the French Cameroon leadership with a hidden agenda of jailing or executing all heads of English Cameroon civil society organizations including leaders of the noble professions of lawyers, teachers, heads of transporters and notables in Cameroon, all for the purpose of satisfying East Cameroon and France agenda of silencing vocal and intellectual English Cameroonians for making Economic and political gains in that part of the world,

(III) Mindful of the fact that we are aware and eye witnesses to the sophisticated ammunition’s donated by the international community including the United Nations. United States of America and France to The Republic of Cameroun’s commander in chief of armed forces President Paul Biya for fight against Boko Haram, currently being misused to carryout Ninja militarized operations of war on his already marginalized minority people of the rich oil, timber, coffee and cocoa zones of English Cameroon for selfish economic and political gains rather facing the Actual Enemies of our region who are Bokoharam Terrorists.

Again, we acting as concerned West Cameroonians by nationality of Origin and as Humanitarian, Health and Human Services Professionals living and working in civilized societies and continents of North America, Europe and Australia hereby issue this petition and are sending our delegates to Hague International Court of justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) for one and only one reason.

(I)-To discuss the issues raised in this petition on Crimes against Humanity and to bring President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon, His Ministers and Military accomplices for trial for crimes AGAINST HUMANITY throughout his thirty-four years of dictatorial leadership that has been marked by numerous arrests, inhuman torture and murder of thousands of citizens of Cameroon in general and west Cameroonians in particular. This is the only way to stop further arrest and the ongoing genocide especially on the People of West Cameroon.

SIGNATURES ATTACHED OF Members of the West Cameroon Association of Humanitarian and Health Services Workers in North America, Europe and Australia

CC: The United Nations Secretary General
The World Health Organization
The African Union.
The British High Commissioner Cameroon
The United States Department in-Charge of
Foreign Affairs.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ)
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
The International Criminal Court (ICC)

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Dr. Marievonne Namondo Hofmeister.
Dr. Emmanuel Senjo
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