Concerned about the present strikes by Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Teachers in our Country;
Aware of the sacrifices that the members of the Education Community and Lawyers in the North West and South West Regions are making;
Cognizant of the short term, mid-term and long term gains these sacrifices shall bring to our Educational and Legal System;
Sensitive to the overtures made by the Head of State in his end of year speech with focus on frank dialogue and the imminent creation of a National Entity that shall discuss reforms related to our bi-cultural co-existence;
The under mentioned Opinion Leaders from the South West Region meeting in Buea on 8th January 2017 resolved as follows:
1. Urge Government as a matter of urgency to deliver on her development promises in the South West Region,
2. Urge the Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions and Common Law Lawyers to remain steadfast in their demands related to their professional growth within the Anglo-Saxon heritage,
3. Appreciate the inclusion of South West members into the Inter-Ministerial Dialogue Committee charged with seeking solutions towards an unadulterated and unfettered Anglophone subsystem of Education,
4. Congratulate the Clergy on their commitments towards breaking the stalemate through their patriotic publications,
5. Call on Government Ministers and Administrative Authorities to show restraint in their overt and covert actions that can only escalate the crisis,
6. Call on residents of the South West Region to desist from street violence that can likely provoke armed response,
7. Call on both appointed and elected Officials in State machinery to honestly in public domain present the facts of the retarded development of the South West Region and by extension the Anglophone problem.
8. Propose a broad-based National Consultation to discuss the form of state which has been the sticking point in the ?LIVING TOGETHER? experiment between the former West Cameroon and East Cameroon,
9. Call on South West Elite Association (SWELA) to review their stance on a loose ten-state Federation in the face of a systemic erosion of the Anglophone political, economic and socio cultural values,
10. Support the Consortium whose role is to carry through the grievances of the Anglophone People in all its facets;
11. Endorse the Anglophone struggle for the protection of their minority rights.

Done in Buea this 8th day of the Lord January 2017.

1. Mr. MOKI Joseph Etukeni
2. The Very Rev. Dr. Nyansako-Ni-Nku
3. Mola Njoh Litumbe
4. HM Nfaw Tanyi Robinson
5. Mr. Epey Samuel
6. Mr. George Ngwana
7. Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho
8. Dr. Simon Munzu
9. Mr. Atemkeng Peter
10. Barrister Eyambe Elias Ebai
11. Mr. Victor Epie Ngome
12. Mr. Nasako Besingi
13. Dr. Walters Leke
14. Chief Hon. Justice Ayuh Paul
15. Mr. Raymond Akoson
16. Mr. Moki Monono
17. Mrs. Henrietta Ebako
18. Barrister Ikosse Daniel Etongwe
19. Dr. Backe Ivo Itoe
20. Chief Dr. Francis Mukwelle
21. Hon. Dr. Ayuk Arrey Peter
22. HRH Prince Asa-ah Peter Fontem
23. Mr. Nkembi Louis