BSC: Note to People of the SouthWest Region

Forwarded as Received
January 31, 2017

My dear brothers and sisters of the South West Region,
We have proven to the world that we are not the cowards that many people, including our so-called political elite have always thought we were. That we decided for many years to play along with them in the hope they were to bring us development was just legitimate.

Today our eyes are open; they cannot fool us again, they cannot set us up against our brethren of the North West anymore. Look at how Oben Peter Ashu whom they used has died so miserably while the colonial folks he was collaborating with are swimming in wealth.

Pa Musonge is coming here with something called South West Forum on the same selfish mission. We should only start listening to them if they are coming along with Barrister Agbor Balla, Justices Ayah and Ngalle, along with all our brothers and sisters arrested; if not, we should ignore these chief slaves. Forward until it reaches them too.

Let mafany who has been general manager of cdc, Prime Minister and chancellor of national orders tell the south west and West Cameroon as a whole why Ndian with all its contribution have no road, let him tell them why okalia from far away Yaounde is chairman of pamol and the expense of the traditional rulers on whose land pamol is found.

Let him explain to the south west why Lebialem with all its potential has no road. Let him explain why the average Bakweri man remains poor and landless with all the hectares government gave them.

Let him tell them how come Okalia and Zang his brother have become landlords in the land of the great Bakweri tribe. Less we forget, let him explain the great grave yard of foundation stones and projects in Limbe. The deep sea port, the ship yard, the steel factory, the ombe industrial zone, the cement factory etc.

Tell him brothers and sisters, we are no longer southwesterners but west Cameroonians, tell him we fight for an end to a few privilege rich and a new era of equal opportunities for all who are qualified. Let him explain why no Bakweri , Oroko or Balondo ever became manager of Sonara and why Sonara pays taxes in Douala and not Victoria. Why there is no petrol depot in Victoria or Gbea and why fuel is cheaper in Douala than Victoria.

Lastly, let him tell us why this meeting was not called to lobby for the release of chief Ephraim Inoni. We cannot be fools for a second time.

Forward as received