Cameroons: BSC | AMB – Youth Arrested in Mundemba?

Update: “Good News – Information reaching us is that all youths arrested by SDO Nkoulou Chamberlain in Ndian have been released unconditionally following swift pressure from local population and foreign intervention.”

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~Bwene Nzams Guillaum | +46 76 298 08 06
52 youths has just been arrested this morning in Mundemba. who were doing a peaceful demonstration for the fight of southern Cameroonian.

Pls i am from Ndian n just got this info that youths that were out for demonstration has been arrested. Pls let the leaders find out abt this info pls. This is terrible.

The CPDM senator is claiming that they are not children from Ndian. Pls let this forum contact those incharge of Ndian to know what is happening there nw. Ndian is CPDM strong hold. U can’t talk against cpdm in ndian division. U can’t arrest youths who are doing peacefull demonstration

~Liberator | +1 240 432 1026
We need update from all over Southern Cameroon.

~Da Franko | +237 7966 5795
Limbe is getting set
BT some guys hve been paid by cpdm militants to disrupt