2 thoughts on “Consortium Video Message

  1. Legitimate

    The struggle has entered its practical operational phase. My recommendations are:
    1. As part of our strategy, we must form ‘Think Tank Cells’ as per our different expertise and knowledgeability, where ever we find ourselves .
    2. The Think Tank Cells(TTCs) should be made up of those at the ‘front line’ (home) and those in the Diaspora.
    3. The TTCs should then avial themselves/information/knowledge/expertise if need be.

  2. Webedimbom John Tinshu

    Thank you for the in-fatigable work that you are doing so far. I thank God that we are getting to a concerted action with a coordinating g team. My prayer for you is that you will put off self and put on facts, history, our values as a people, I wish tp reiterate here that this is not politicking, but putting things in perspective. You have a God sent mission just like the one Moses had to free the Children of Israel from Egypt. The success of this call to the people is a good test of your authority. Do your God best, know that the best of God is Love, and love covers all. In love there is prosperity, there is dignity, there is wealth. God protect, guide and keep you. South Africa, Reverend John.

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