Declaration of All Southern Cameroon Students Association (ASCSA)

*Declaration of All Southern Cameroon Students Association (ASCSA) on the need for schools to NOT resume on January 9th*

Saturday 7th January, 2017.

We the students of Southern Cameroon,
Mindful of the strike action called by our teachers and lecturers in the South West and North West since November 21st 2016
Mindful of the fact that we have lost some of our fellow students during this strike action.
Mindful of our brothers who were arrested and are being detained up to this moment by the government.
Mindful of the need to have quality Anglo Saxon education with all its deserved values and dignity
Mindful of grievances of our teachers and lecturers tabled to the authorities of Cameroon.
Mindful of the head of states end of year speech which showed no concern for the raped, brutalized, killed, arrested and detained Southern Cameroon students of the University of Buea and Bamenda,

Hereby make the following declarations:

1. We give our teachers and lecturers our fervent support for the struggle.

2. We shall not go back to school without our brothers who are still under LRC government detention for they are our school mates, bench mates and friends.

3. We call on the authority that be to urgently dialogue with our teachers and lecturers so that they can call us back to school for we are anxious to get back to school

3. In so much as we must go to school, government should know that only the teachers who asked us not to come to school shall call us back to school. No traditional authority, Civil authority, even our parents can ask us to go to school without the accord of out teachers and lecturers.

4. We are not happy with our president for the following counts:
a. Fake promises: 500000 laptops to all registered students of higher institutions of learning have died a natural death
b). Students are raped, brutalized and some killed by forces of law and order yet he calls us *Extremists*

We promise to remain loyal and law abiding students of our beloved country, ready to uphold the moral, educational and cultural heritage and values of the Anglo Saxon education we are currently pursuing.

God bless our country

For the ASCSA
*Ebua F.*
*Thinking aloud for our future*

#Forward until it reaches the powers that be#

4 thoughts on “Declaration of All Southern Cameroon Students Association (ASCSA)

  1. Bobe Kom

    I personnelly expect decency from each write~up. As such, “detent” should read “detained” while “natural dead” reads “natural death”. Besides, when was this association created and who are its members? Where and when was it formed? Where and how often does it meet?

  2. Akuro Akum

    The second declaration has an error. please change for “The” to for “They” since you are talking about the detained students. Correct me if i am wrong please.

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