KPEP Hydroelectric Project, Mentchum [MN]

The KPEP Hydroelectric Project, an undertaking which will increase the country’s [BSC|AMB + CMR] current installed power generation capacity by at least 40%. When completed, the project is expected to have an installed capacity of more than 450 MW.

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COO – Paul Kunert

Playing politricks with the lives and livelihoods of Citizens is not a game.
It is serious business.
So as BSC | AMB takes shape, all those involved in this neighborhood
might need to rewrite any/all MOUs [Memoranda Of Understanding] signed with the CMR govt that do not have the interests of our People.

Our Youth after 55 years of oppression are not looking for Power.
All they really need is Power Tools so that they can create/build their Communities and make them livable for their families. It starts with affordable and reliable electricity to “power” the many projects in the minds of the Youth of BSC | AMB.

About Computers: any talk of computing without reliable electricity is again just dancing around the gorilla.

To the companies involved in this Katsina Ala – Mentchum region: Note that the MOST PRECIOUS thing in our Space is OUR PEOPLE. They come FIRST.