MoRISC Applauds Ghost Town, Reiterates Call for Ghost Towns Every Monday

Washington, 9 January 2017 – The Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) congratulates the people of Southern Cameroons on the successful organization of ghost town operations on this 9th day of January 2017.

Today was only the first of the many Mondays on which MoRISC has called on our people to organize weekly sit-in strikes (on every Monday) from now until Independence Restoration Day fixed for 1 October 2017.

While congratulations are in order for the success of this day, it is more evident to all of us today than ever in the past that our work is cut out for us. The journey ahead is still long and full of trials and tribulations.

MoRISC congratulates the stellar leadership that has been provided on the ground, among others, by the leaders of our Trade Unions under the banner of the Consortium; our religious and traditional leaders; our parliamentarians and senators along with the political parties based in Southern Cameroons, as well as the godfather of The Coffin Revolution, Mancho Bibixy.

Despite the resounding success of this first day of ghost towns, MoRISC urges the people of Southern Cameroons to remain steadfast. We must not drop our guard. The colonizer may be stunned, but they are at work, devising more mischievous ways of sabotaging our quest for self-rule.

We cannot yield an inch to the colonizer. We must not stand down. We cannot let off the pressure. We must fight on, until final victory in Buea on 1st October 2017.

That is why MoRISC reiterates the call for ghost towns and reminds Southern Cameroonians that our next round of ghost town operations will hold next Monday, 16 January 2017, and every Monday thereafter until we restore our independence and return our people to self-rule.

MoRISC welcomes and applauds the call by the Consortium along with religious leaders for prayers of thanksgiving for the success of this day and invite our people to continue to say our “Prayer for Resistance” every Sunday.

Done at Washington, DC, this 9th day of January 2017

Elvis Kometa, President SCNC-North America (for MoRISC)