BSC | AMB: Cardinal Tumi “I am too old to rule”

14, February 2017
By Rita Akana
Cardinal Christian Tumi says he considers himself too old to assume the role of interim head of state. The retired prelate believes that younger people can do the job. The Cardinal was guest on an STV television show aired on February the 9th, 2017. Tumi wondered aloud why a man of his age and over 80 should still continue to run the country.

Thus, when asked if he would accept to direct a possible political transition in Cameroon, the Cardinal observed that: “Those who say that I could run a transitional period say so because they do not know me. I know myself and all that concerns politics is not my vocation. My specialty in higher education was morality and metaphysics, philosophy. And in philosophy one seeks the objective, the truth. I am not saying that the others do not, but when you ask me a question, I tell you what is in my head. Because if I do not tell you what is in my head, I lie. Because truth is the agreement between what one thinks and what one says.

Also questioned on whether he could mediate in the present crisis in Cameroon, the man of God replied “I doubt. There are younger people than I who can do things in this country.” The former Archbishop abhors leaders who refuse to give up power even at an advanced age.

“Nature shows that as time passes, we naturally weaken, physically and intellectually. And I believe that our African countries must try to respect the law of nature. As we speak, the Prime Minister of Canada is 40 years old. Look at Africa. Why is it only the old men who command? This means that these old men command people, govern people they do not know anymore. They cannot speak the same language as they do. The language of young people is much more contemporary, modern.”