BSC | AMB: March on UN – Info

Friday March 3, 2017 is the Day of Demonstration at the UN in New York City.
For all Citizens and Friends of British Southern Cameroons, this is a one-time opportunity to Walk the Talk. Please make use of the flexible menu of transport services provided. Come on Time and let’s make our voices heard loud and clear, once and for all.
Be Safe.
One For All
All For One.

1 thought on “BSC | AMB: March on UN – Info

  1. Patrice YUH

    Hello brothers/sisters,
    Following our previous protests all over the world we have been doing so well but we need to be more focused this time around. I suggest we should have our message passed across this way; one or two people or how many we decide to lead will say….”it’s our duty to fight for our freedom ” then the crowd will repeat “it’s our duty to fight for our freedom.” “It’s our duty to fight for our rights” the crowd will repeat “it’s our duty to fight for rights” “it’s our right to have our independence ” the crowd “it’s our right to have independence “. We can do this 3X each then have interludes where we will be telling the world whatever message we have. I think if we do this we will capture more attention rather than dancing and singing as we used to. Thank you so much.

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