BSC | AMB: Remain Focused – MoRISC Spokesperson calls on Liberation Movements

MoRISC Spokesperson, Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert, calls on liberation movements to remain focused, mobilized and united in the implementation of a common action plan (Roadmap to Independence). The call comes in the midst of a sharp uptick in attacks against leaders, ahead of a monster march on the United Nations in New York next March 3, barely hours after a summit of the leaders has been convened to build on unity of action.

2 thoughts on “BSC | AMB: Remain Focused – MoRISC Spokesperson calls on Liberation Movements

  1. Matthew Ngalla

    This is God at work. Those whose ears are tuned to Him will hear great things and they shall be a blessing. Let the name of the Lord be Praised.

  2. James Nkuo

    This message was most needed at this time and it was well done in my view. MORISC should continue to call for unity and to lead this unity as people are now seeing MORISC as the leadership organization in the diaspora.
    MORISC in my thinking also has a roll to play to unit members of the People’s Consortium which has a ground following given the recent messages that they have sent out. Each voice matters and we want them all, even the person who does not belong to any of these groups but believes in our struggle has a message and we should listen and welcome them.
    If we agree on one road-map as you rightly say, being in any group amounts to the same thing.
    Your humbling message of self-evaluation was powerful as some people started taking the fight personal and giving the impression that Ntumfoin Boh Herbert was a stumbling block to unity and the source of the divisions in the organizations.

    It will be uplifting to call and invite the Cameroon Journal people to the meeting of the leaders of the various organizations. Because this is not a personal fight, lets call our critics and ask them their opinions on how to go about our struggle.

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