BSC | AMB: Volunteer Testimony – the truth about the Cameroons

What John Creiter (a one time Peace Corp Volunteer to Bamenda) said about Cameroon is nothing but the Truth.:
“I worked and lived in Cameroon for 16 years. I ran my own private Research, Interviews and Experiments from 1982 until 1998.Two million of the likes of John Fru Ndi cannot change Cameroon Anglophones’ Plight.

Everything is wrong with Anglophone the Political class. Anglophones have also corrupted that it will only take a Revolution to change their plight. Here is what you experience where even an Anglophone is In Charge:

      the Director won’t give you contract except you pay up front;
      the banks won’t give you loan except you concede a certain percentage;
      the man supervising the contract won’t pass the job except you pass the ball;
      the Secretary won’t pass your file for payment except you rob his or her palm;
      the accounts department won’t raise your payment voucher or check unless you see them.

I can go on and on.

The worst thing is that it has become a norm that nobody sees anything wrong with. If you think otherwise, they begin to think you are sick and not normal. If you try to stand in there way, you put your life at risk. If you get killed there is no justice system in place to seek redress and bring the perpetrators to book.
The Police, Gendarmerie, Military is corrupt; with the Judiciary leading the bandwagon. Even the religious circle is not spared. Everything in Cameroon revolves around corruption. Nobody cares about anybody. No law and order. I looked from my left to the right, everybody is only desperate about one thing “Money”. They will kill anybody and anything that stands between them and money.

The system don’t care about Qualifications. Distribution and Transmission and Contracting of jobs favours only Cronies, Friends, Relatives and Laughable enough, Church heads, Who generally have no basic skills or experience in the jobs assigned to them. I overheard a man in Kumba telling his elder brother. ‘Brother, most times I ask myself, how do I convince my kids that education and hard work is rewarding’? When Fools, Moto-park Loaders, Thugs and Touts are running the country from the Divisions to the Presidency, what can we expect? Is this what my two children will also go through?

In year 2000, the man in question decided he has had enough. He decided to migrated to Australia with his family”. The American concluded his testimony.

That’s how many of us also left the Country…not proud of our Surrender though. You are now our Saviors that God has raised. We living outside are very proud of you all. The problem of Anglophone Cameroon is in the hands of Anglophones living in Cameroon.
The Corruption has so eaten our people up that if you Try starting a building in your village, everybody wants to profit from it, by All Means. The bricklayer, the carpenter, the mason and even your brother who claims to be supervising on your behalf, will do all to cut corners. They are corrupt, morally bankrupt and selfish.

You don’t have to be the one to go there to change anything. Let those under the hammer start the revolution. I beg make you hear word.

This post is gonna anger a lot of people, but I have to post it anyway.
Dr Abraham Akenji.

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  1. Emmanuel

    Dr. Abraham Akenji, tells it like it is. Nothing short of a revolution will effect meaningful change. Perhaps it is worth stating here that such changes starts with everyone of us. Let each one examine their heart, see where they fall short and start making changes. This will have a snow ball effect with those we come in contact with.

    There are a few who must stand in the gap, for such a time as this. God help us.

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