BSC | AMB: Why has Cameroon blocked the internet? BBC Report

“Three weeks after reports that Cameroon had blocked the internet in English-speaking parts of the country, residents say services have yet to be restored. So what is going on?
Cameroonians have little doubt that pulling the plug on internet services for about 20% of the population is an intentional act by the government.
The two regions affected, South-West and North-West, have seen anti-government protests in recent months.”

“Why is this an issue only in English-speaking areas?
It follows a period of rising tensions in which long-held grievances of English speakers against the government have erupted into protests and strikes.
The protesters say that Anglophones are discriminated against by Cameroon’s French-speaking majority.
Last November, more than 100 people were arrested and at least one person was shot dead in demonstrations over the use of French in courts and schools.
In January, lawyers and teachers in Bamenda went on strike over the issue, turning the main city in Cameroon’s North-West region into a ghost town.”
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