BSC | AMB: Cameroons – Health Condition of Arrested Supreme Court Judge

March 1, 2017
Here is a copy of a report made available by the family of Justice Ayah describing his present health condition. The Judge of the Supreme Court of Cameroun was arrested by a gang of 6 armed agents of the Govt of Cameroun and has been in confinement since Saturday January 21 2017.
Below the report is an excerpt of the scenario at the time of his arrest. All credits to the family for sharing this information with Citizens. The Truth, like Cream, always rises to the Top.

Arrest Scenario Excerpt:
“On Saturday January 21 2017, 6 unidentified armed men barged into Ayah’s premises at 5:05pm.
Ayah Paul is told by their leader he had to go with them to a certain personality’s premises immediately and that any manner of resistance will be met with brutality.

The men were asked to present their warrant and they respond with threats.
Ayah Paul tries to find out who they are and who ordered his arrest but threats only intensified.

Ayah’s attempt to explain to the men the rules that govern arrests of persons was over ridden by one of the men who gripped him with the intent of pulling him off his seat but for the intervention of Ayah’s son who told them that Ayah needed to dress up (Ayah was not dressed up at this moment in time). Ayah was prevented from making and answering any calls (not even to his counsel), alongside all who were in his residence at the time.

Ayah’s spouse was denied even her privacy as she was followed into her bedroom by the said men as she went to change clothes to accompany her husband to whatever place he was to be taken to. Same applied to others who were present. Ayah’s questions as to who ordered his arrest, the reasons behind the arrest, and the charges against him repeatedly fell on deaf ears.”

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