BSC | AMB: President of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association Press Release

March 4, 2017

Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

My dear people. It is with a heavy heart that I, Prince Akere Divine Achu, speak to you once more as President of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association. At this very moment, millions of Southern Cameroonian children are out of school, their education temporarily interrupted due to the bastardization of our cherished Anglo Saxon educational system by a colonial regime that believes it has a God given right to subjugate our people. As the political crisis deepens, triggered by a half century conspiracy to annex, assimilate, and decimate our identity as a people, we are confronted with sometimes conflicting visions of the way forward.

The Southern Cameroons Parents Association, constituted in the wake of the ongoing crisis, has stood as the last line of defence in this tragic saga of resistance in the face of unprecedented brutalities and attacks from an arrogant, uncouth and unrepentant occupier that regards our people as less than equals, as less than humans. Their attempts to break the will of the resistance, from the arrests of its leaders, to the terrorisation of our entire population witnessed by acts of collective punishment has failed. They have failed because our people, like any other people in the world deserve freedom and have a right to live in security, and to be ruled by a government of their choosing, and have stood like one man to accomplish that.

I therefore urge you my dear people, as President of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association to hold the line and keep the resistance going until victory. The enemy is employing all forms of shameful and dastardly measures to force you to betray your country, betray your people, and betray the cause by sending your children back to school in an unsafe environment, so that they can claim victory on the blood of the innocent. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to watch your beloved children miss a year of school, but as the African proverb goes, ‘something di spoil fix someone’. So be not shaken by the exploits if the devil and resist this evil to the last man. There will be abundant schooling in a Free and Liberated Southern Cameroons. So help us God!

Prince Akere Divine Achu
President (Southern Cameroons Parents Association).
For the Consortium!

Diaspora. Do your thing. Call home, message, do whatever. Tell your dear ones to hold the line and keep the children home. The enemy is at breaking point.

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  1. Beckyawah

    Perfect! God is in total control. It shall be well in Southern Cameroon in Jesus’s Mighty Name.

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