BSC | AMB: The Situation in Southern Cameroon – A Call for a Halt to Human Rights Repressions

27 April 2017
The Situation in Southern Cameroon: A Call for a Halt to Human Rights Repressions
ILA (NIG) Committee on Justice & Human Rights (CJHR)***

“. The Commission was categorical in finding that the tendency of military tribunals is to act as an extension of the executive, rather than the judiciary, and that they are not intended to try civilians but to try military personnel under laws and regulations which govern the military. The Commission finds that trying civilians by the Yaoundé and the Bafoussam Military Tribunals was a violation of the right to fair hearing;
·         The facts before the Commission showed cases of suppression of demonstrations with excessive force as well as the unlawful arrest and detention of protesters, peaceably exercising their right to freedom of assembly. The Commission found that some of the detained persons were acquitted while some died at the hands of security forces or in detention. The Commission found Cameroon in violation of article 11 of the African Charter.
·          The Commission also condemned the relocation of business enterprises and location of economic projects to Francophone Cameroon, which generated negative effects on the economic life of Southern Cameroon as a violation of article 19 of the Charter.”
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***ILA (NIG) Committee on Justice & Human Rights (CJHR)
CJHR is a Committee of the Nigerian Branch of the International Law Association The CJHR aims at taking a pragmatic approach to human rights and justice as mutually inclusive concepts with a view to understanding how and why the concept of justice for human rights abuses enhances or diminishes human rights protection. The Committee is currently chaired by Dr. Amos Enabulele. See Enabulele’s profile @: