BSC | AMB: Cameroons – Church in Court – Briefs

Cameroons: Church taken to Court accused of siding with the Fight to Restore the Independence of Southern British Cameroons – Proceedings

Brief minute by minute notes from court by “Anonymous Reporter”. Our people in court in Bamenda today, around court premises and out in the streets blocked from accessing the courthouse from downtown by the troops of the annexationist LRC.

People blocked from Court proceedings

[6/5, 8:57 AM] Court is packed full
[6/5, 8:58 AM] Enter into court stopped
[6/5, 9:02 AM] The arch bishop was asked to not come to court
[6/5, 9:02 AM] Only auxiliary bishop
[6/5, 9:02 AM] Lawyer Sama states that accusers are absent without justification
[6/5, 9:03 AM] Calls accusers plagiarism
[6/5, 9:03 AM] Says so called consortium of parents stealing names
[6/5, 9:04 AM] Lawyer Sama invokes conscience of judge
[6/5, 9:04 AM] No accusers present
[6/5, 9:05 AM] Lawyer Sama playing delay tactics
[6/5, 9:05 AM] Judge trying to rush him
[6/5, 9:05 AM] She just received a note and started rushing things
[6/5, 9:06 AM] Cameroon is a joke
[6/5, 9:07 AM] Looks like arch bishop was asked by government or someone high not to come to church.
[6/5, 9:07 AM] Arch bishop was accused of working with bareta news to ask people to march
[6/5, 9:08 AM] Lawyer Sama denounced accusations
[6/5, 9:10 AM] Adjournment rejected by defendants and asks to drop case
[6/5, 9:11 AM] Judge stops lawyer Sama from talking
[6/5, 9:12 AM] Lead counsel deals hornet sting on court
[6/5, 9:14 AM] A lawyer has just entered late claiming her is Defence lawyer
[6/5, 9:15 AM] This new lawyer will not introduce himself and only says he is barrister
[6/5, 9:15 AM] Lawyer Sama says he is barrister tassa
[6/5, 9:16 AM] Judge is asking if any defendants councils are in
[6/5, 9:17 AM] Lawyer Sama washes hands off bar tatsa
[6/5, 9:18 AM] Looks like aux bishop did ask bar tatsa to come
[6/5, 9:20 AM] Bar tatsa says military presence is intimidating
[6/5, 9:24 AM] Ok someone shows up for accusers
[6/5, 9:24 AM] Says he wasn’t able to get bailiffs
[6/5, 9:26 AM] Plaintiff lawyer claims they did everything to stop bishops coming to court
[6/5, 9:26 AM] That they didn’t want this kind of situation considering the caliber of people accused
[6/5, 9:27 AM] Plaintiffs Rep says lawyer Achu says he has game changing things to bring to next hearing
[6/5, 9:28 AM] Plaintiffs Rep says case sd not be thrown out
[6/5, 9:28 AM] But be adjourned
[6/5, 9:29 AM] Says adjournment will not kill anybody in the process
[6/5, 9:29 AM] Says adjournment ad be to a date proposed by lawyer Achu
[6/5, 9:29 AM] Only
[6/5, 9:30 AM] Plaintiffs rep doesn’t know the name of the accused!!!!!!
[6/5, 9:31 AM] He is asking defendants rep lol ?? I don die
[6/5, 9:32 AM] Plaintiffs rep booed for saying this was a useful situation for priest to learn the way courts run
[6/5, 9:33 AM] State council acknowledges receipt of letter of adjournment from bar Achu
[6/5, 9:34 AM] Claims it’s the right of counsel to put a letter of adjournment
[6/5, 9:34 AM] People forcing to get into full court
[6/5, 9:35 AM] State counsel invokes an article in part but bar Sama insists it should be read in full
[6/5, 9:36 AM] State insists adjournment is at discretion of the court
[6/5, 9:37 AM] Defendants insist application for adjournment isn’t an adjournment
[6/5, 9:38 AM] Judge says the defendant lawyer is right
[6/5, 9:39 AM] If bar Achu is sick the consortium is not sick’
[6/5, 9:40 AM] Plaintiffs attempts to object but is overruled
[6/5, 9:40 AM] I love this show!!!!!
[6/5, 9:41 AM] State counseled quite rubbished by same article he quoted
[6/5, 9:41 AM] Do we have a state counsel who doesn’t know the law???
[6/5, 9:44 AM] Defendant counsel insinuates accused are having no respect for law
[6/5, 9:45 AM] Plaintiff lawyer keeps asking accused name and that they should be pointed
[6/5, 9:45 AM] Lawyer Sama points out that late coming by plaintiffs lawyer is reason for this confusion
[6/5, 9:46 AM] Lawyer Sama asks the judge to use her conscience
[6/5, 9:47 AM] Plaintiffs rep insinuates bar Achu Julius is a devil
[6/5, 9:47 AM] Interesting
[6/5, 9:47 AM] These people don see wetin
[6/5, 9:50 AM] Saying plaintiff request to amend direct summons is against law
[6/5, 9:51 AM] Bar Sama says case should be thrown out and if plaintiffs want they should file a new case
[6/5, 9:54 AM] This is a big sting – and a shameful one to this kangaroo court
[6/5, 10:01 AM]Kangaroo court all quiet no one saying anything. Judge just writing and reading notes
[6/5, 10:01 AM] For a free southern cameroon
[6/5, 10:15 AM] Judge adjourns case
[6/5, 10:16 AM] Proposed date 24th July
[6/5, 10:17 AM] Defendants deny date and propose august 11 and the court denies date
[6/5, 10:20 AM] State counsel says they have met and considered only date proposed by bar Achu

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  1. Zama K. Ndefru

    Irony: Case taking place in a building put up by the British government in colonial times. Used over 56 years of independence to judge the moral character of the peoples of Southern Cameroons by an intrusive and overbearing French colonial government on the behest of Paul Biya (French neo-colonial representative of La Republique du Cameroun).

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