CAMEROONS: Protests – Meaning for Cameroon and U.S. interests.

Washington Post Analysis

Cameroon has been in crisis for six months. Here’s what you need to know.
By Yonatan L. Morse June 2 at 5:00 AM

“Here is what you need to know about the protests, and what they might mean for Cameroon and U.S. interests.
1. Anglophones used to have their own state.

2. Anglophone resentments are about resources and representation.

3. Anglophone resentments are also about identity.

4. The question of who will succeed Biya looms.

5. The United States is a key player

“Currently, 300 American soldiers and a drone base are stationed in northern Cameroon, near Nigeria. In 2009, then-U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon Janet Garvey wrote, “It is difficult to say that we have substantially moved the ball on the things that matter most to us” like strengthening democracy. This attitude does not appear likely to change under the current administration.”