Cameroon: Video emerges of detainees in squalid cell – BBC Report

BBC News Report
Cameroon: Video emerges of detainees in squalid cell

11 August 2017 Africa
“Mr Ndangoh, a former deputy mayor for the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, says in the video that the captives were abducted six months ago and have been held at various hidden cells in appalling conditions. It is not known what the individuals are being charged with. But Mr Ndangoh was accused by police in July of helping a radical Anglophone member of parliament to escape. Mr Ndangoh goes on to say that they are currently being held in a bunker at the “gendarmerie [military police] headquarters ,” in the capital Yaounde.

Citizen Patrick Ndangoh in an LRC SQUALID BUNKER – Where Heroes are Made

“If dying is the price we must pay to guarantee our freedom and re-establish the independence of our country, then it is a price worth paying.”

he says.”
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