CAMEROONS: Anglophone Crisis at the Crossroads

Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis at the Crossroads
“Generally little understood by Francophones, the Anglophone problem dates back to the independence period. A poorly conducted re-unification, based on centralisation and assimilation, has led the Anglophone minority to feel politically and economically marginalised, and that their cultural difference are ignored.
Never before has tension around the Anglophone issue been so acute.”
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2 thoughts on “CAMEROONS: Anglophone Crisis at the Crossroads

  1. Bokwe

    Morissette you are a confusing southern CameroonIan. We are watching you right from Buea. You plan of leading the people to Buea has failed because of your greed. Why have you not joined scacuf? You said July 23 you will have your prime minister voted. Am still to see the prime minister. Confused association.

    1. admin Post author

      It is Your Wish that MoRISC join Scacuf? How does that work? By … just saying it, then it happens? Try to get more details on how entities “join” or “work together”. Ask scacuf to show proof of communication on the subject. Serious matters are recorded and accounted for … not just “talk” which is CHEAP. By the way, thanks for paying attention. Everyone needs to.

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