3 thoughts on “AMBAZONIA Calling

  1. Peter M. Che


    I’m writing to bring to your attention a website that seems to be a hack job of the Cameroon Government or agents supporting it.


    Every bit of news on this site is a smear on Southern Cameroons activists or supporters. The domain was registered on July 22, 2018. On some forums, people report having looked up the names of the reporters on the site. And found them to be fake profiles.

    Please look into it – or put it under scrutiny, to either cause them to cave and fold shop, or admit they are a fake news outlet.

  2. Draban

    This is a good initiative. Moving forward make an effort to have more voices from the Southern Zone and also more nyamfukas from the Northern zone. It is all about reasonable balance. Perception is reality.

  3. Charles fon fon

    Hey sir
    Quite good and educative program. Thanks for cohesive ideas put together by your the marvelous reporters.
    while hoping to listen for Ambanzonia
    Charles fon fon

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