AMBA: This is Our Land This is Your Land This is Our Land This is Your Land From Ndu to Victoria These Are Our People This is Our LandThese are Your PeopleBeing Planted in Our Land But their SpiritsStill Roam the Hills, GrassfieldsValleys and Forests This in Our Land This in Your Land  AMBAZONIA MUST BE FREEfrom the BARBARISM of FRANCE & FRANCO-CAMEROUN […]

Cameroon’s citizens are losing hope that their country can remain united – Washington Post

After years of skirmishing, the English-speaking minority scarcely trusts the government.Excerpt:“The results reveal that Cameroon’s national unity is fragmenting These growing divides between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians suggest that beyond the headlines, some citizens may be starting to abandon a belief in the country’s unity. Despite Cameroon’s long history of individual English and French speakers […]