Author: Innocent Chia

BSC | AMB: Money Barks, SDF Jumps, and Wirba Runs

By Innocent Chia April 24 2017 Why have the parliamentarians from Southern Cameroons not yet resigned from the glass house at NgoaEkele? Better yet, are the parliamentarians and Senators from Southern Cameroons going to resign? A plethora of social media analysts, pundits, and even some academics have been saying that the resignation of these legislators […]

Why Biya is not granting a Federation in Cameroon

By Valentine Gana As indigenes of the Southern Cameroons (Anglophones) awake to a reality of how much bloodshed, anguish, repression, deceit and inhumanity the regime in Yaounde is willing to visit on them towards fastening their chains of bondage that have persisted for 55 years, they must lean in the wisdom of this quote by […]

Are Southern Cameroonians Fighting for “Secession” or “Separation”?

By Dr. Zuhmboshi Eric In this present struggle for our freedom and independence, we should be very careful and articulate in the way we use legal words and concepts in order not to create the wrong impression. I say so because I have heard and read many write-ups on Facebook where Southern Cameroonians are voicing […]