German FDP Speakers on Cameroon’s Crisis

The case of Cameroon mentioned yesterday on the floor of the Bundestag (German parliament) by Dr. Christoph Hoffmann of the FDP party. Hon. C. Hoffmann’s address has been transcribed and loosely translated by Google. Bear the inaccuracies, please. ***************** Ladies and gentlemen, it has been two years since a crisis in the English-speaking part of […]

CAMEROONS: Armed Agents vs Unarmed Civilians – Inhumane Session

CAMEROONS: VideoFebruary 11, 2019Franco-Cameroun Armed Agents gather unarmed civilians (NOT ACCUSED OF ANYTHING, therefore INNOCENT), then they are treated like ANIMALS (as you can see).Here is my take: It is DAYLIGHT here; What the Franco-Cameroun Agents are doing is “Auditioning”WAIT TILL NIGHT TIME and then THE REAL DRAMA BEGINS for those who “PASS” the AUDITION.This […]