February 11, 2017
On this day February 11, 1961, a Plebiscite was organized by the UN and held in the Trust Territories of the British Cameroons, comprising Northern and Southern Administrative regions. The Northern Region joined Nigeria and the Southern region joined Cameroun. There is enough literature on this event to last several generations.

Cameroons 1961 Plebiscite – Choice or Betrayal by John Percival

This book is authored by John Percival – Plebiscite Supervisory Officer:
“John Percival—Anthropologist, Writer, Television Broadcaster of many innovative BBC series on the environment, history and anthropology. As a young graduate he was recruited and sent to serve in the Southern Cameroons as a Plebiscite Supervisory Officer in 1961. He died in 2005 after a recent return visit to Cameroon with Nigel Wenban-Smith who writes an epilogue. This posthumous memoir has been edited by his wife, Lalage Neal.”


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