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BSC | AMB: iPM – Your Vote Counts

July 10, 2017
If you can read this message, YOU can Vote.
Go here to begin the voting process:

CLICK HERE! Nominate an Interim Prime Minister of BSC | AMB

11 thoughts on “BSC | AMB: iPM – Your Vote Counts

  1. I think there is still time for MoRISC to reflect and humble itself. A humble come back will be helpful but a contradiction to the leadership of the Southern Cameroons will be highly detrimental to Morisc now and in the future. Read the signs of times.

  2. Morisc, u need to stop acting up stupidly.. by now, Morisc was supposed to have been dessolved and fall under SCACUF the main umbrella body where every Southern Cameroonians know already and are highly supporting it.. though u are for the Struggle but u don’t seem to follow the right track.. ur way is good but for the wrong time. Be smart and rethink again sir and madams regarding your approach that how can it really be free and transparent?
    No need for you to do what isn’t write cus our people are smarter today than yesterday..

    Join SCACUF now and let’s maintain a unifying front to lebirate our mother/fatherland..

    Thank you!!

    1. Hello Francis W, there are more civil ways to address an “Organization” without using words like “stupid”
      Remember MoRISC is an “Organization”. You wrote:”Morisc was supposed to have been dessolved …” Question: Was your opinion requested when MoRISC was created? If not, how can you have the locus standi to demand its dissolution?

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