Audio by Ntumfoyn Herbert Boh
January 25, 2017

8 thoughts on “BSC | AMB: MoRISC on GhostTowns and More Diaspora Demos

  1. We have to ask the whole world blacks whites young old This Cameroon only about30 people is not enough America will join you if you ask.Bring your plight to the attention of the media.

  2. Herbert and my beloved Southern Cameroonians, Mat Atugon Here.

    One thing has been bothering me. We need an updated list of all those who have been abducted, kidnapped, died, maimed, etc. can you help us get this done please? We all risk losing track of all those have sacrificed themselves for this fight. With such a list we can better fight for their release of the eventual compensation/comfort of the grieving families.

    Thanks for all you and All at the base are doing to keep this fight going strong. You have my full support!!

  3. Sir, I fully support your stance on the Southern Cameroon struggle. I am suggesting you start sensitizing Southern Cameroonians on 11th February manifestations of 2017. My proposals: the day should be a national day of mourning for all fallen martyrs of the Southern Cameroon struggle; all southern Cameroonians all over the world should wear black dresses, print demonstration placards with messages of freedom and images of all the killings and atrocities perpetrated by the Biya regime, a peaceful match and demonstrations all la Republic embassies all over the world. Then ghost town and boycott of schools continue with new strategies for the struggle being drawn up.

  4. Boh, I wish all your colleagues now in diaspora can join you in this fight. I admire your unwavering stance on demanding for the independence of Southern Cameroon. Can u also give tit bits on daily events in Cameroon with respect to the struggle?

  5. Boh Herbert hasn’t changed one bit. Using his resonating baritone voice as he did on CRTV in years past doing news except this time , choosing to serve as a rallying Cry for the Freedom of our people , our land and our rendez vous with destiny. God bless Southern Cameroons.You are an inspiration Mr. Boh, and yes ” A luta continua”

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