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3 thoughts on “BSC Citizens Diaspora Demos – Videos

  1. Emmanuel

    Very correct both Nfor EY and Tetuh Njah, staying on message is critical. There is need for creative songs and new slogans that captures our aspiration.

  2. Nfor EY

    Good job! The resistance is building on progressively unto long awaited freedom. Demonstrators, please stay on message – Independence, Independence, Independence! Now, Now, Now!!

  3. Tetuh Njah

    This is great. Forward ever and backward never. We need to learn knew songs. Liberation and freedom songs as was sung in South Africa during the Liberation struggle. Songs for unity and togetherness of all southern Cameroonians will also galvanize the movement. Singing brings anxiety and foster a sense of commitment. We need a powerful liberation song to be sang at home and abroad.

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