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Cameroon Villages Burned After Separatist Attacks

Cameroon Villages Burned After Separatist Attacks
December 18, 2017
“Cameroon communication minister and government spokesperson Issa Tchiroma says for the past two weeks, military and armed separatist groups have been involved in bloody conflicts in the English speaking southwestern town of Mamfe on the border with Nigeria.

“Several suspects have been arrested, large quantities of war and hunting weapons as well as hundreds of military ammunition and uniforms have also been seized,” Tchiroma said. “One of those attacks has unfortunately claimed the lives of four of our gendarmes who were cold bloodedly killed this Monday December 18 in Kembong, Eyumojock sub division in Manyu division.”

Tchiroma refused to give the number of armed separatists killed by security forces in ensuing clashes, but disclosed that at least three border villages that hosted training camps for the fighters had been liberated.

Villagers say there has been an unprecedented harsh crackdown by the military, which also used helicopters to fire on civilians.

Kembong resident Victor Arrey Ndip says his village and two others have been completely destroyed by the fighting and many people are dying.”
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