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The Peopling of Ambazonia

The Peopling of Ambazonia: Some Observations John Keberry September 8, 2004 There are six categories of nation states in Africa. My attempt to classify them is base on their ethnic group compositions. This classification ranges from single-nation states with 60-95% ethnic group composition through bi-nation states to multi-nation states. We will avoid details as what […]

Ambazonia Coalition Team: Update

Washington Law firm, Fein & DelValle, to drag @PR_Paul_BIYA, @EmmanuelMacron & henchmen to @ICC & @ICJ for crimes against humanity in Ambazonia. Firm promised, Thursday @ the National Press Club in DC, fate of Al-Bashir, Habre, Pinochet…to Biya & Macron & the collapse of LRC. — Innocent Chia (@innochia) March 13, 2020