BSC | AMB: Hon Wirba calls on Citizens to Stay Strong – Misrepresented Post

February 24, 2017 Message posted earlier today from a post by Chris B seems to NOT have come from Hon Wirba. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the carrying  of that post on this site. Original post is still available on Facebook.

BSC | AMB: Youth Defending their Neighborhood in Bamenda from Cameroun Govt Troops

Pict posted by M. N. Benjamin December 6, 2016 Bamenda today: Boys defy Biya’s military men. Ready for any outcome. Freedom is coming tomorrow. Comment: The world has seen and it is now on record, the brutal and inhumane treatment of citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons, by forces under the command of […]

BSC | AMB: Hon Wirba – Set a Date for MPs to Return Home

Hon Wirba Calls on The Consortium to Set a Date for West Cameroon MPs to Return Home My dear people of West Cameroon, what happened across our towns and villages yesterday 11th February 2017 was historic. Despite internet blackout and threats made by colonial administrative authorities, intimidating our educational authorities to show up and march, […]