Amba Women On the Move – September 22 2017 – FREE British Southern Cameroons

Note: All pictures belong to the digitally signed authors and owners of the capturing devices. Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons appreciate your interest in their fight for Restoration of Independence. These pictures which you all have graciously shared are testament of the Will of Our People to Effectively Take Control of their […]

Citizens of British Southern Cameroons @ United Nations

September 22, 2017 Here are some videos of today’s events reflecting the feelings of Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons at home – where they are being harassed, shot at and sprayed with water cannons by armed agents of the govt of Franco-Cameroun (a protectorate of France). Today, our women have shown resolve […]

CAMEROONS: Franco-Cameroun Armed Agents shooting at Our Citizens

September 22, 2017 CAMEROONS: Franco-Cameroun armed agents are going round the town of Bamenda and without provocation, they are spraying water cannons and shooting at the youth with live bullets. You can hear the kid with the camera saying “Oh Lord Help Us … !!” Comment: A govt that hunts down unarmed citizens like this […]