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BSC | AMB: Southern Cameroons Slave Status Must Come To an End – BaretaNews

March 8, 2017 Excerpt: “….. parents, have watched the educational system imposed in our community bastardized and regulated by presidential fiat intended to serve a political and colonial agenda. Faculty administration in our public universities has been handed down to ruling party stooges and academic racketeers. Time and again, we were shocked to see our […]

BSC | AMB: President of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association Press Release

March 4, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Fellow Southern Cameroonians, My dear people. It is with a heavy heart that I, Prince Akere Divine Achu, speak to you once more as President of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association. At this very moment, millions of Southern Cameroonian children are out of school, their education temporarily interrupted due […]