Death Threats against US Ambassador to Cameroon:

Death Threats against US Ambassador to Cameroon: Is Another Benghazi Attack in the Making? YAOUNDE, CAMEROON, 5 JUNE 2018 – A fanatic of Cameroon’s 85-year-old and long-serving dictator Paul Biya – in power as prime minister and president since 1975 – has made death threats against the US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Balerin. “He […]

US military continues to support Cameroon’s military despite US accusations of targeted killings

June 2, 2018 Excerpt: “Washington (CNN)The US military is continuing to provide assistance to military forces from the African nation of Cameroon despite the US ambassador to that country recently accusing Cameroonian troops of carrying out “targeted killings” in its campaign against the country’s Anglophone separatists. The African nation has been beset by violence between […]