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Roadmap to the Restoration of Independence

Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) Mission: Enthrone a Government in Southern Cameroons that is based on popular consent, deriving authority and legitimacy from the people; not the decrees or might of a regime that, since 1961, is injurious to citizens’ rights to life, freedom, independence, equality and dignity. Roadmap […]

Questions & Answers on the Cameroons

What is “The Southern Cameroons Problem”? It is the annexation of Southern Cameroons (independent on 1 October 1961) by the expansionist government of La Republique du Cameroun (independent on 1 January 1960). Is this the same as what some have called “The Anglophone Problem”? No, it is not. The so-called “Anglophone Problem” is the catch-all […]


A Dozen Killed. Hundreds Arrested. Many Feared “Disappeared”. Government Media in Pre-1994 Rwandan Genocide Gear. U.S.-Donated Military Equipment Deployed, Killing Civilians. More than a dozen people have been killed. Over 70 injured after riot police and paramilitary forces opened fire on crowds of peaceful protesters in the towns of Bamenda, Buea and Kumba located the […]