Francophone Political Activist takes down Statue

Douala, Cameroun December 2016 Andre Blaise Essama, Francophone political activist, who built and put John Ngu Foncha’s statue in Douala recently saw that the police destroyed it. So he marched to Bonanjo and pushed down the statue of Charles de Gaulle and stood in its place himself. Police came and roughed him up. FORWARDED AS […]

Killings, Rape and Torture Scare students from Campuses

  Pict: Angered by killing of friend  Sylvester Ndifor brandishes poster calling for independence of Southern  Cameroons By Christopher Fon Achobang Cameroon has been rocked by public protests since 21 November 2016 leading to a very fisted an irrational reaction from the military and paramilitary police with the death toll set at over a dozen, many […]

MoRISC Citizen Journalism Project

The MoRISC Citizen Journalism Project to Recruit Up to 300 Citizen Journalists The Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) announces the launch of its Citizen Journalism Project. Up to 300 citizen journalists along with divisional and regional editors will be hired under this project from all over Southern Cameroons to […]

Emergency All Southern Cameroons Meeting to be Summoned in Buea

Breaking!!!!!!”  Southern Cameroons Conference Summoned in Buea Mindful of the Killing of Southern Cameroonians in Bamenda and Kumba by the government of La Republique du Cameroun and the unwillingness to show remorse for their actions; Mindful of the inhumane treatment meted on Lawyers Teachers and students of the University of Buea and Bamenda by the […]