From FranceAfrique to MafiAfrique – Book

Author: Verschave François-XavierBook: From La Françafrique to La MafiafriqueYear: 2004Language: French Brief: The Franco-African policy, otherwise called Françafrique, is extremely harmful. After the proclamation of the independence of the former French colonies in Africa, political networks ensured the continuity of the plundering of the black continent to the benefit of the men of power in […]

CAMEROONS: Armed Agents vs Unarmed Civilians – Inhumane Session

CAMEROONS: VideoFebruary 11, 2019Franco-Cameroun Armed Agents gather unarmed civilians (NOT ACCUSED OF ANYTHING, therefore INNOCENT), then they are treated like ANIMALS (as you can see).Here is my take: It is DAYLIGHT here; What the Franco-Cameroun Agents are doing is “Auditioning”WAIT TILL NIGHT TIME and then THE REAL DRAMA BEGINS for those who “PASS” the AUDITION.This […]