Southern British Cameroons: Teachers Walk Out After Being Taken Hostage by LRC Officials

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 – Representatives of Southern Cameroonian teachers have finally walked out of one of two meetings convened Tuesday to discuss possible solutions to strikes that have paralyzed courts and closed schools all across the former British Southern Cameroons. The teachers were briefly held hostage and prevented from leaving the hall where the […]

Southern Cameroons Executive Council 1954

SOUTHERN CAMEROONS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 1954 SITTING L-R S. A. George (Works & Survey) S. T. MUNA (Agriculture, Forestry & Veterinary) Brigadier E.J. Gibbons (Commissioner) Rev J. C. Kangsen (Health & Education) Dr. E. M. L. Endeley (Local Government & Cooperative Societies) STANDING L-R J. Murray (Financial & Development Secretary) C. A. Burton (Legal Secretary) J. […]

Buea Declaration II – Mola Njoh Litumbe

Free Mola Njoh Litumbe Published by Jimmy Jack · 1 hr · Buea Declaration II 21/12/2016 Page 1 Email: P.O. Box 124 Buea Mobile Phone: 673519712, Fixed Phone: (237)233322302 Website: BUEA DECLARATION II. ON ASSERTING THE COMPLETE RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP BY THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS (AMBAZONIA) OVER THEIR TERRITORY We, various […]