BSC | AMB: Professor Fanso comments on Current Issues with CMR Govt

Professor Fanso talking……. How can this government talk about unity when the state of its own unity is so laughable?
Professor Fanso talking below.
Enjoy the write up.
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“My fears all along about the Ad Hoc Committee negotiating with the Anglophone Civil Service Consortium was that the Committee was not only powerless to take decisions but made up of strange bed-fellows. In the first place, it was headed by a non-Cabinet Minister who had in the team not only Full Francophone Cabinet Ministers of all levels of Education, but also contained a Minister who had not only caused and orchestrated much of the Anglophone Educational Problem, but one who publicly denied that there is an Anglophone Problem; a Minister who is known to be very close to the President and is said to be his speech-writer, and who is arrogant and ridiculous in many respects. Definitely, such a Committee could not be expected to produce acceptable results and deliver. The Cabinet Ministers in the Committee knew their deliberations were only a show and that, sooner or later, the work would be abruptly terminated. And that is what happened!

That is why I was not surprised when news broke out that the Consortium and the SCNC had been outlawed and the talks suspended. The surprising thing is that the suspension was not by the Prime Minister/Head of Government who set up the Ad Hoc Committee in the first place, but by a Minister in his Government.Another surprising thing is that the Consortium had been negotiating with the Committee for some time, either party respecting the other.

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