Videos of September 22, 2017 – Home-Front & Diaspora Actions by the People of the State of British Southern Cameroons to lead to their Restoration of the Independence Sunday October 1, 2017
WARNING: Some of the images on this page are GRAPHIC. Apologies, BUT the WORLD MUST KNOW and HELP TO STOP the UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE.
October 23, 2017 Update

October 11, 2017 Update
This video features audio of testimonies of the abuse, brutality and violent treatment of citizens by armed agents of the govt of Cameroun post October 1, 2017

October 7, 2017 Update

October 6, 2017 Update

October 5, 2017 Update

The following video is in French – with no subtitles in English. Its content is relevant to the context of the current crisis

October 1, 2017 Update

September 30, 2017 Update

September 29, 2017 Update

September 28, 2017 Update

September 27, 2017 Update

September 25, 2017 Update

September 24, 2017 Update

September 23, 2017 Update
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Granny – Not to be left Out

MP Joins Citizens

Citizen Shot Dead by Mayor of Buea?

The People … Moving

The People … Singing … Ambazonia

September 26, 2017 Update
Armed agents of the govt of Franco-Cameroun staging in the State of
British Southern Cameroons, as Citizens of the latter prepare for
Declaration of the Restoration of Independence Sunday October 1, 2017