BSC | AMB Poetry

By Christmas Ebini

Leave us speak out
You bitter enemies of justice
For as mortals of earth
We sanction our liberty
As travelers on the shores of glory,
You saw our courage
With our faith as our weapon
And our past to shield us.

We battled the bondage of sin
To see on the far horizon

The sun-set of justice
The tired sweet justice
That turns old misery into new glory
That fill our hearts that stopped working
Have found their new abode
To salute the fighters for justice
As they meander their weary way
On the polluted but weet waters of the mungo.

Who knows this land so richly blessed
With fertile soils and golden mountains
The envy of the great and less great
May yet draw back to glory
And grant goodwill to all dwellers.

And when the fullness
Of justice?s time has come
With the sons of all tribes having a common goal
And dubious King?s kingdom be broken
With its unpatriotism, corruption and hate,
A prince of peace may give us bread
A prince brought by the fighters of justice.

Leave us alone to fight for justice
And if in fighting death comes our way,
Then weep not for us
But enjoy our cleansing blood
The price for fighting for justice
While you lure the people
into lumpenproletariatism

By Zama Ndefru, III

The day the gods moved from house to house in West Cameroon
Saying; I am with you! I am with you! I will always be with you
Because; I Am Who Am! Be strong! Stay the course! Stay the cause!
The day Ambazonia signed its name in the hearts of West Cameroon

The Day the gods of Mount Fako sent their breeze throughout Ambazonia
The breeze that wafted with those from Bota, Limbe, and Tiko beaches
The breeze from Dibuncha that cried for hours to the gods for answers
To the tears of the People of Ambazonia: Why have you forgotten us Lord?

The Lord said; Take heart, my children. I’ve always been with you then and now
It will be well with you. Keep the faith! Keep the faith.
Above all, love one another

Take care of each other. Cleanse yourselves and your land of all that that is bad
Change completely! Be good! Be good! Be good! All the time;
Be Good! I will bless you abundantly