1. The MoRISC Citizen Journalism Project to Recruit Up to 300 Citizen Journalists

The Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) announces the launch of its Citizen Journalism Project.

Up to 300 citizen journalists along with divisional and regional editors will be hired under this project from all over Southern Cameroons to cover breaking news from cities, towns, villages, counties, hamlets, etc.

No previous experience in journalism or in citizen journalism is required for citizen journalists, whom we will train. However, to be considered for one of the 30 divisional and regional sub-editor and editor positions, applicants must have a minimum of three-year experience in reporting or regular posting on a social media platform.

Applicants must be supporters of the mission of MoRISC (see Mission and Roadmap at They must also have an interest in journalism or in pursuing careers in journalism, law and/or activism to promote human rights and democracy; foster peace and justice; combat impunity and impunity; and in the empowerment of youth, girls and women, especially those based in remote villages all across Southern Cameroons.

No minimum education is required. However, the ideal applicant must be able to communicate effectively in English. The ideal applicant must own a smart phone and know how to use a smart phone to share information via social media platforms. The town listed in their application must also be the town they intend to report from during the entire duration of their collaboration with MoRISC Citizen Journalism Project.

Deadline: To apply, kindly fill out the application form below and submit on or before 20 January 2017.

Rolling Consideration: All applications received will be processed and recruitments will be finalized every five days in the New Year – meaning that the first set of applications will be processed on 5 January 2017. The second, third and final processing of applications will be held on the 10th, 15th and 20th of January 2017.

Earlier-than-Announced Deadline: The application process will be closed automatically once the up to 300 citizen journalists have been recruited even if this happens before the deadline of 20 January 2017.

Application to become a MoRISC Citizen Journalist

By filling out and submitting the application form below, I am hereby applying to be considered and interviewed for one of the positions of citizen journalists advertised by MoRISC.

MoRISC Citizen Journalist [MCJ] Application Form Here